Winch Safety Training       
 in association with Ash 4x4

 Vehicle-mounted winches are popular among 4x4 enthusiasts to self-extricate their vehicles, as well as to extricate other vehicles.


Vehicle-mounted winches are also used for a variety of tasks not related to vehicles, such as moving  heavy objects.


EVERY time you mount an operation to recover a stuck  4x4, be it by winching, jacking, kinetic or whatever, you are playing with lethal forces.  The damage caused by equipment failure, or improper operation, can and WILL maim and kill people. NEVER underestimate it.


The minute you STOP respecting this, it kills you.




Everybody has a duty of care, not just in the workplace, and we at Bofa4x4 in association with Ash4x4 are striving to ensure safe practices are carried out in the social and leisure environment as well as the workplace.


Currently there is little regulation of powered winches for vehicle use.  

This has resulted in most vehicle-mounted winches being unnecessarily hazardous, this is why little has been done to make these products safer.


People get injured when they become entangled in the winching mechanism when using winches or incorrect procedures.  The hazards of these products are enhanced by the speed of the winches.


Serious accidents to people and vehicles, can easily happen when using ropes, straps and shackles, when winching to recover a stuck vehicle. Standing in the wrong place, attaching  to unsuitable recovery points or just not understanding what forces are involved, can turn what should be a simple recovery into a nightmare.


Anyone using winches or any other machinery in their work environment, must receive proper training in their safe use.  This is a legal requirement (PUWER regulations 1998).


Our course, can be structured in several ways to suit individual requirements, i.e just the Health & Safety aspect with what to, and what not to do instruction, a theory only course, using the relevant calculations, or a complete comprehensive 2 day course which has been carefully designed to help employers meet their obligations under the Health & Safety legislation to ensure that their staff are competent and are fully trained in the operation of vehicle mounted and portable hand winches (Tirfor)


The course is also aimed at people who wish to learn how to use their vehicle mounted winch safely and have their skills assessed.


Our courses can be designed to your own specification.


Example scenario....... You are towing your mate who has engine failure and a flat tyre up a 30 degree gravel slope to effect repairs on flatter safer ground.


You then lose traction... What would the resistance's be and how much winch power would be required to recover these vehicles safely to the top of the slope?


Don’t know?


We do, and we can train you and your staff to be competent and safe in the assessment of any given situation.


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