The comprehensive course is a two day course, day one being a classroom session, whereby candidates will learn all about the different resistance's that can be involved in a recovery situation and how to calculate them.


We will also cover the Health and Safety aspect, and equipment needs, checks and procedures. Below is guide to what we will be covering on each day.





                                         Course content. (Theory) Day 1




1)   Health and Safety.

2)   Rolling Resistance.

3)   Ground Factors.

4)   Gradient Resistance.

5)   Damage Resistance.

6)   Safety Factors.

7)   Estimated Pull.

8)   Mechanical Advantage.

9)   Equipment selection and checks.

10) Slinging.

11) Anchoring.

12) Loads.

13) Winch Procedures.

14) Signals / Safety Notes.


                                                 Day 2 (Practical)


Day 2, Candidates will be putting into practice what they have learned on day 1.

Ground and risk assessments.

Calculations, using the correct procedures in various recovery situations.


You will then be assessed during the various scenarios, and a certificate of competence

issued based on the level of competence displayed, also you will receive a booklet

covering the course content and calculations.

  Winch Safety Training

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The Course.
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